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Palomino Puma XLE Travel Trailer Floorplans

Palomino Puma XLE Travel Trailers
20MBC | 20RLC | 22FKC | 22RBC | 23BHC | 24FBSC | 25BHSC | 25RBSC | 27RBQC | 30DBSC | 31BHSC

Palomino RV Puma XLE Travel Trailer (Camper)

Puma puts the focus on our customer’s needs. Focusing on innovative floor plans that provide a residential feel without compromising quality, function, and features. Puma's well-equipped XLE travel trailer will enhance your travel adventures wherever you roam.

Puma XLE Review

Puma XLE travel trailers by Palomino RV and Forest River RV have twelve floor plans to ensure every camping, full time and seasonal need are met. You will love the traditional build with strong metal on the exterior of the coach. Wood studs and fiberglass insulation complete the wall construction. Easier to tow then the big brother Puma travel trailers and more affordable. Do not give up luxury and quality but give up the higher prices.