Revolve Travel Trailers (Campers) by Palomino RV

Palomino Revolve Travel Trailers

Palomino RV Revolve Travel Trailers (Campers)

The Revolve by Palomino is completely powered by solar energy and can be charged in any one of three ways: solar, shore power, or tow vehicle. This is the perfect camper for those who want to use a more environmentally friendly option.

Palomino Revolve Travel Trailer Camper Video

Palomino Revolve Travel Trailer by Forest River RV Review

Revolve travel trailers by Palomino RV and Forest River RV have four floor plans to meet all your camping needs in a very lightweight and affordable, thought out designs. Walls are laminated, roof is rubber and very durable. Easily towed by any SUV or small pick-up. Do not think you cannot camp when you own a small tow vehicle, you can always camp with Revolve.