Tracer LE Travel Trailer (Camper) by Prime Time RV

Prime Time RV Tracer LE Travel Trailers

Prime Time RV Tracer LE Travel Trailer (Camper)

The Tracer LE travel trailer from Prime Time is the ultra light and affordable trailer that doesn't sacrifice comfort and features. Tracer has set the bar for luxury and comfort in the cheaper, lighter weight trailers.

Prime Time Tracer LE Travel Trailer by Forest River RV Review

Tracer LE travel trailers by Prime Time RV and Forest River RV are very lightweight and well designed. There are three floorplans ranging in weight from 4,058 lbs. to 5,156lbs, meaning they are easily towed by all trucks and most SUV’s. Tracer LE has thought through your camping needs and wants while designing the most versatile campers in the industry. Built with the best materials, your Tracer LE will last and provide peace of mind.