Wildwood RV (Camper) by Forest River

Forest River RV Wildwood Travel Trailers

Forest River RV Wildwood Travel Trailers

Whether you’re shopping for a park or bumper pull model, the Wildwood line of trailers has you covered. As with all high-quality trailers, the Wildwood models provide users with the features and quality construction camping and traveling aficionados seek. If you’re currently shopping for a durable, well-appointed trailer, it makes sense to consider the Wildwood line.

Choose the Size and Features You Want

With a range of lengths and floorplans, the Wildwood line of fine travel trailers makes it possible for shoppers to review multiple options before selecting the one that best meets their needs and budgets.

Features Worth Having

While each Wildwood model offers unique features, the line shares important qualities. When you’re looking for construction and materials that are second to none, the Wildwood line is sure to please.

  • Fiberglass construction with a gel coat finish translates to a great look that will last for years. In the event repairs are ever required, the materials are easily matched by quality shops throughout the country.
  • Safety first! Every Wildwood model includes important safety features like LP leak detectors, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, and a fire extinguisher. There’s even an LED hitch light to make late-night hooking or unhooking easier and safer.
  • Comfort features include quality seating and fixtures to create a level of comfort that’s always welcome after a day of traveling or sight-seeing.

Since specific features vary from one model to the next, we encourage shoppers to review the available options with a sales team member.

Get Your Questions Answered Now

Purchasing a new travel trailer is a big decision, and we understand our customers will have questions. We’re always available to discuss the pros and cons of various models and help clients evaluate which models best meet their requirements.