Palomino Revolve Travel Trailer Floorplans

Palomino Revolve Travel Trailers
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Palomino RV Revolve Travel Trailers (Campers)

The Revolve by Palomino is completely powered by solar energy and can be charged in any one of three ways: solar, shore power, or tow vehicle. This is the perfect camper for those who want to use a more environmentally friendly option.

Revolve Review

Revolve travel trailers by Palomino RV and Forest River RV have four floor plans to meet all your camping needs in a very lightweight and affordable, thought out designs. Walls are laminated, roof is rubber and very durable. Easily towed by any SUV or small pick-up. Do not think you cannot camp when you own a small tow vehicle, you can always camp with Revolve.