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Prime Time RV Avenger Travel Trailer Floorplans

Prime Time RV Avenger Travel Trailers
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Prime Time RV Avenger Travel Trailer (Camper)

The Avenger Travel Trailer by Prime Time offers industry-leading beauty, quality hand-crafted doors paired with premium fabrics, flooring, and counter-tops for a luxurious appearance. Customer enjoyment is maximized by using design elements and features that are best in class. Long-term quality and durability are ensured with the Avenger.

Prime Time Avenger Travel Trailer Camper Video

Avenger Review

Avenger focuses on long term quality and enduring materials to ensure your Avenger will last for years. Crafted with the best fabrics and appliances you will find. Avenger is an incredibly built camper. Well designed and thought through floor plans await the most avid campers and ensure ease of use. Avenger is built using traditional house construction with a wood studded wall, fiberglass insulation and metal outside for durability. Avenger Travel Trailer by Prime Time RV and Forest River RV is your choice for camping and towing.